Origin Story

It all started in the summer of 2010 with a disenfranchised young man (Matt) getting struck with a sudden (and quite random) inspiration while hiking a trail head next to Palouse Falls in hops country with his wife and two dogs. This was the stuff of history books. One minute, Matt was seeing awe-inspiring 400 ft waterfalls, soaring green valleys and tumbling cliff faces when out of nowhere, inspiration hit him like a thunderbolt to the soul – ‘Hey, I could be the kind of guy who makes beer!’ It was a simple thought, but one that would inspire more thoughts and quickly build a passion inside of him. With his wife’s help, the passion did not die as much fleeting thoughts do, but was provoked and only helped to build the fire within:

‘Not only could I be the kind of guy who makes beer, but I could also be the kind of guy who owns and operates a totally awesome brewpub as well!’

From there, Matt and Sydney toured the local hops fields (really, they got lost in them on the way back to civilization) and visited the Skye Book and Brew brewery in the sleepy town of Dayton, WA where he got his first real taste of how awesome brewers can be. As Skye was closing up, they bought a micro (really micro) brewed beer on their way out. However, after Matt mentioned the story about a sudden epiphany for brewing, they gave him another for free to feed his excitement and some additional literature (NW Brewing News) for academic reference.

Upon returning to Seattle, he bought his first home-brew-kit and enlisted the help of his buddy Keith to make their very first brew – Bruce, The Porter. Since then ‘Hello, My Name is Beer’ has taken on a life of its own and doesn’t plan on turning back any time soon!


Any thoughts?

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