About Us Brewers

Keith (Holding a Mystery Jar) remains the sure and steady hand behind sanitation, janitorial duties and maintaining respectable levels of absurdity. Beyond the realm of a sterile work environment, he is also responsible for art direction, design and beer collateral. His beer palette is unrefined but occasionally becomes razor sharp and enjoys simple and focused beers that have the confidence to be what they say they are. Keith is slowly inching his way out of the suburbs and into your backyard.

Matt (Pondering Existentialist Ideas) is head brewer, the reason we’re here and the unflinching inspiration for compassion in the craft beer community. Matt lives in Seattle, WA with his wife, Sydney, their son Lucas and their two dogs Karma and Nova – who, after being inspired by watching an episode of the ‘Simpsons’ can now shoot bees out of their mouths. Matt employs a ‘self-employed’ approach to his home brew chemistry and thrives on recipe research and conception. His yearning for complex, unique flavors is rivaled only by his love of wacky foreign beers that sport an umlaut in the name.

Cameron (Capping is way toward the future) is our beer minion, grunt and overall useless brewer. Cameron resides in the East Lake with his girlfriend Diana and about 4ooo Magic cards. Though he loves to drink beer, construct brew houses and cap beer, we are still waiting for his time to shine. Don’t get me wrong, he tries real hard… but pretty much every failure we have ever had has been because of him. However, he brings over some top-shelf beer to the brewings, so… keep trying buddy, I’m sure you’ll get there some day.

With their beer prowess and charisma combined, they form a brewing juggernaut of friendship that can be slain by nothing in this mortal coil. Seriously.


4 comments on “About Us Brewers

  1. Hello Matt& Keith!
    This is Steve and Yvonne, owners of the ‘Dog’ and we’d first like to say “welcome” to our neighborhood watering hole! Thank you so very much for you very kind words as the ‘restaurant review world’ can be very harsh and unkind.
    We live a few blocks away and along with trying to support as many ‘microbrewers’ as we can…our hope is to provide a ‘homey’, comfortable environment for everyone! Our aim with the menu is mostly consistent comfort food you can pair with a decent choice of beer, wine or even scotches.
    Hope to get the chance to meet you both, we are there most every Thur., Fri., and Saturday nights.

    • Hey Steve, you are more than welcome. Thanks for giving the world such a fine establishment! We will definitely come by some night you are in so that we can officially say ‘hi’. Heck, maybe we’ll bring some of our beers with us!

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