3 comments on “Kegging… Amazing time-saver or a punch in the face?

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  2. Dang, that’s rough! I’ve always kegged, actually have never bottled a batch of beer, and probably never will… unless I decide to give some away for a holiday, but I think friends like coming over and being able to pour beers out of the tap… so for me, going to keep kegging, despite any troubles I may run into.

    • And I definitely think you should! If I have learned anything from being a home brewer it’s: don’t stress about the small stuff. Have a beer and move on. That’s what this post was all about. For some reason we have run into a lot of problems, but they are settling out now and I have grown from the experience. Knowing how to bottle and how to keg, I am right there with ya! I will fill up a growler for a present now and then, but from now on kegging will be our main means of packaging.

      Thanks for the comment!

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